Vähälä Logistics

Convenient reporting at different locations

Logistics Group Vähälä Companies is a traditional, already a third-generation company. This year, the company’s 80th anniversary is celebrated. Vähälä operates in the Kiitolinja chain and is partnered with DB Schenker. The headquarters of the Group are located in Oulu and the commercial centre in Jyväskylä. Terminals are in Ylivieska, Rovaniemi and Kemi. For their customers, Vähälä Group offers, besides traditional transport services, value-added logistics services such as storage, sorting and combining. As reliability and ease are expected from logistic services, the functionality of information systems is important.

Vähälä uses service in many different ways. Office workers at different offices are able to produce, among other things, for payroll, reports on employee hourly reports. In addition to normal hourly, kilometre, and expense logging, employees have been given different access rights. This makes it easier to delegate assignments according to job descriptions.

Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery

The prized beer brought the need for work shifts 

Two farmers with the idea of processing further their own raw materials. What could be a more natural way of setting up a brewery – agriculture can be practised in this way as well. The Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery in Kymenlaakso, the village of Ravijärvi in Virolahti, is the only brewery in Finland that produces raw materials from the beer directly from its own fields and water from its own well. From the field to the bottle. The reception has been excellent. No wonder that Takatalo & Tompur’s Kylmäsavulager was chosen as the best light beer in Finland in 2017. 

The two-family company has grown rapidly, and they have recruited more employees. To manage tasks and assignments, Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery introduced service. In addition to creating shifts in an easy way, it is possible to add whatever should be made to the beer at any time. This will ensure even better quality. Also, fairs, logistics and other items important to the brewery can be found in the service’s work shift calendar. Not to mention other functions that facilitate the everyday work.


Experiences and fast entries 

Do you know where is the wildest Mega zipline in Finland? It’s found in SeikkailuSveitsi, close to Hyvinkää. In addition of that great half a kilometre zipline you can find the most suitable track to you – from the children to the adventurous adults. You will get unforgettable experiences and physical activity in the fresh air. If desired, it is possible to enjoy the nearby nature trails, guided or self-directed. Adventure in the SeikkailuSveitsi promises the joy of happiness, adventure, challenge for all ages and, of course, great memories! 

SeikkailuSveitsi was opened in Spring 2016, and they started immediately to use service. Mobile hourly entries made the everyday work easier for more than ten employees. Hours are recorded straight away and they do not need to be reminded about entering the work after a fast workday. The Managing Director takes the reports from the system a couple of times in a month and accesses easily to the entries and expenses. service is praised by the company as extremely simple and easy to use. By using the app the can focus on creating memorable experiences instead of handling pieces of papers.

Construction Company T. Mäkinen

Releasing resources for the essential matters

The construction company T. Mäkinen, which is headquartered in Palokka, Jyväskylä, mainly carries out different types of renovations. The customer base consists mainly of housing companies and professional builders, but there are also a few private customers. In this construction company, the result as well as the quality of work are guaranteed due that having a construction firm runs in the family.

The service has been in the use at T.Mäkinen’s construction company since the beginning. service has helped Timo’s work greatly. No longer he needs to ask the wages from the workers and send those to the accountant. The bookkeeper can now generate the reports with her own user name directly from the service. In this way, Timo frees his own resources and does not have to remember so many matters. Together, we have developed a documentary bank where you can save, for example, pass cards and fire cards. At this way the important documents will always follow the employees at their mobile phone.

Siivous Nyberg

Saving time by modernising reporting

Satisfied customer and satisfied users of the premises are the two main goals of Siivous Nyberg Oy. This Muurame based company has been working since 1964 in the field of cleaning. They offer for example cleanings to renovation sites and everyday cleanings. The family business operating already in the second generation draws attention in particular to the quality of cleaning in a durable and modern way.

The firm’s modern way of thinking could be seen by using the service. The company gained lots of benefits from entering the hours at the sites. Unnecessary time spent by working with handwritten pieces of papers now saves the time from both administration and employees. The information needed is also easily found in real-time. Siivous Nyberg’s site reporting is now efficient and effortless. Reports are produced from working hours for the own firm as well as straight to the customer. “Our personnel has really liked welcomed service. It is user-friendly, easy to learn and use. “

Siivous Nyberg is also a good example of companies that are improving our service with us by giving excellent ideas. Since the company has many hundreds of tasks, we have made it easier for users by creating the “hide” feature. In the new version, unnecessary items can be hidden from the view and reactivated when necessary.