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With Pomolle, employees record hours, mileages, expense allowances and snapshots on a mobile device – wherever, whenever. You can effortlessly create reports for management, accounting and customers in real time. It is also possible to see on a map where your employees are working right now. It could not be easier to design work shifts with software and to send work orders directly to employees’ mobile devices.

Pomolle operates flexibly in different industries. Our customers include transport, construction, cleaning, maintenance, and trading companies. With our software, you can also systematically track the current accumulation of your company’s earnings and expenses. You can define hourly rates for different jobs, sites, and customers. It is easier to manage your projects and track your business’s finances more quickly – with numbers and graphs. With Pomolle software, you can also monitor that all the work done, materials used and mileages travelled have been recorded, invoiced and remembered.

With Pomolle you also reduce costs. Recording hours electronically can save employees many minutes a day. When hours are handwritten and returned by paper, it takes a lot of time for office workers to input them into the systems. Also, the writing could be unclear, hours returned late, working hours miscalculated and then the secretary has to waste time calling workers later. If the company does not have real-time hourly tracking, employees may record hours incorrectly – it might be hard to remember the correct working times afterwards. Without an efficient tracking tool, some of the customer’s hours may even accidentally remain unbilled. Make your company more digital and everyone’s life easier – try Pomolle for free!


With Pomolle you enter hours quickly and easily. You can do this by selecting information manually or by using automatic entries. You can add information by using a mobile application or web browser. If you like, you can save the GPS location from the entries and follow where the work has been done. It is also possible to add pictures, other documents and additional information.


It couldn't be easier to enter mileages! With Pomolle, you can save trips conveniently by using automatic entries. The digital mileage report system helps and secures storing. Trips are effortless to allocate by customer and to bill.


Employees can use their mobile application in English, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. The languages on the dashboard are English, Finnish and Spanish. More languages coming.


Planning jobs is convenient with our work shift calendar. Employees can examine their shifts with the mobile application. Management can follow locations and tasks in real time from the map. Urgent jobs could be sent to the mobile devices of the workers as work orders. It is also easy to follow them from the dashboard and employees can make the entries straight away.


Take a picture of a receipt and keep it safe with our service. The information could be found from document management even after years. Expenses could be allocated by customers or projects.


Pomolle has wide and diverse possibilities for reporting. Reports could be allocated by customer, site or person as an excel, pdf or html file. From the work done you can create bills effortlessly. If wanted, you can give your customer a link to the real-time entries.


The pricing of the Pomolle service is completely transparent and is based on the number of employees at your company. No initial fees. No hidden costs.
Monthly rates in VAT 0% / 6 months :



  • 1 - 4 USERS
  • Free customer support
  • All features
  • No commitments



  • 5 - 10 USERS
  • Free customer support
  • All features
  • No commitments



  • 11 - 20 USERS
  • Free customer support
  • All features
  • No commitments



  • 21 - 50 USERS
  • Free customer support
  • All features
  • No commitments



  • Free customer support
  • All features
  • No commitments


All account sizes include the following functionalities:

  • Unlimited  amount of customers, projects/sites and tasks
  • Workgroup-specific sites and tasks
  • Unlimited space for receipts
  • Electronic work shift calendar
  • Real-time work orders and attachments with a mobile phone
  • GPS tracking
  • Billing function
  • Document / work permit bank
  • Reports of entries in html, excel and pdf formats
  • Different languages
  • Free phone and email support in English

This list is growing all the time, as we develop our software with our customers continuously.

The Pomolle service reduces the cost of managing your business. Entering hours electronically easily saves employees ten minutes. This also saves the office worker’s time. In the traditional way, handwriting could be unclear, the papers are sent in late, there is a need to call and ask what has been written and the hours should have been counted manually. If you do not have real-time tracking of hours, the personnel can accidentally enter the hours incorrectly. It is difficult to remember whether the job started late or when the work day ended exactly. Such hours are easily missed when billing the customer. When using our service you can easily save lots of time and money.

The Pomolle service is suitable for every industry. Our clients consist of small and large firms, organisations and projects. Just select the number of users and make your working life a lot easier.

Here are a few arguments why you should choose the Pomolle service. You will certainly find more good reasons when starting a free trial.


  • Save money, effort and other resources
  • Improve your company’s business
  • Be able to focus on results and work
  • Get rid of unnecessary pieces of paper
  • Reduce your stress levels

Yes, we do. Currently, Pomolle has integrations with Fivaldi, Mapon, Talenom and the Finnish Tax Office’s services. You also can link any other web-based software to the Pomolle mobile application from the control panel. These features will make it easier for you to work. More integrations are coming. Please contact us if your company wishes to cooperate with us.

These pictures will help you to think about the Pomolle service. Just click the titles below. For more detailed information, start a no-commitment free trial to get a better idea of it.


Creating reports


Entered hours


Mobile application


Work shifts


Your employees can enter hours in four different ways: in the application manually or automatically and via the browser. If necessary, you can also add hours afterwards from the dashboard. Manual entering means that the employee adds the hours and other necessary information when the work has ended. When using automatic mode, the employee will press the application “Start Work” and “Quit Work”. This makes the entries more accurate. The way to enter hours could be selected per employee. The browser version can be shared, for example, in a factory on a computer or tablet device. In that way, the employee chooses himself and then enters his hours manually. Employees do not see each other’s hours or other information.

If you have any questions for what you did not find an answer from our sites, just call us on +358 400 883 338 or send us an e-mail to info(a)


"There is no longer a need to ask the wages from the workers and send those to the accountant. The bookkeeper can now generate the reports with her own username directly from the service. In this way, I am able to free my resources to the important matters and I do not have to remember so many things any more."
Rakennustoimisto T. Mäkinen
Construction Company
"Pomolle has made our work much effortless. In addition to normal hourly, kilometre, and expense entries, our employees have been given different access rights. Now it is easier to delegate job assignments according to job descriptions."
Vähälä Logistics, PART OF DB Schenker
Transportation & Logistics
"The company has gained lots of benefits from entering the hours at the sites. Earlier we spent unnecessary time working with handwritten pieces of papers. Now with Pomolle both the administration and employees have more resources in use. The information needed is also easily found in real-time."
Siivous Nyberg Oy
"The award winning beer brought the need for a work shift calendar. It is easy to mark the shifts and you can add what should be done to the beer in different stages."
Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery
Food production